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Investments/Regular Savings

Whether you have a few pounds left at the end of each month or a pot of money that you need to see grow, saving for the future is sound financial advice. You may simply be saving for the proverbial rainy day, perhaps a deposit on your first home, or maybe distant shores are beckoning you from afar. Whatever you are saving to achieve, there is much to consider.

First of all, we will help you decide whether saving or investing is right for you. Depending on what the money is for, how soon you will need it, the level of return you are hoping to achieve, and how comfortable you are exposing your money to an element of risk - all these factors will need to be considered.

Savings accounts offer security, accessibility and interest which cannot be taken away. Investing however is likely to give you better returns on your money, but remember that
the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.

Here at (SMT) Money Matters Ltd we understand that everyone is different: some people are comfortable exposing their money to higher risk and increased volatility for potentially greater rewards; others however are more cautious and are happy to achieve a slow and steady growth. Managing this risk is crucial.

We will conduct independent, whole-of-market research to identify the investment provider which is right for you. We will work with them to ensure that your money is spread across different assets in order to reduce your money's exposure to risk. What is more, we understand the importance of ongoing management and the value that may bring throughout the lifetime of the investment.

So, if you are considering how best to make your hard-earned money work hard for you, we will help you every step of the way.

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